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Groton Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Relief

Whether your neck pain is due to a whiplash injury or poor posture, chronic neck pain can have a serious impact on your qualify of life. Patients with neck pain are more likely to miss work, to be unable to enjoy their favorite activities, and to suffer from sleep disturbances at night. If neck pain has compromised your quality of life, chiropractic care from our Groton chiropractor can make a difference. From whiplash injury treatment to improved posture, our chiropractor will help naturally manage your pain without the need for medication or surgery.

Natural Neck Pain Treatment Available with Chiropractic

Whiplash injuries are a leading cause for neck pain. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that whiplash can occur at speeds as slow as 5 mph. The force from a rear-impact car accident can abruptly whip the cervical spine backwards and forwards, straining the neck and causing a cervical spine misalignment. Once the neck is out of alignment, patients are at risk for additional health problems as well. For example, a cervical spine misalignment may place pressure on the RCPM muscle, causing it to spasm, which can trigger headaches.

In addition to causing a cervical spine misalignment, whiplash injuries also trigger general soreness and stiffness in the neck muscles. After an accident injury, many of our patients find it difficult to turn the neck from side to side or look up and down. Our Groton chiropractor uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy to treat whiplash injuries and neck pain. Precise, hands-on adjustments restore proper alignment to the cervical spine, relieving pressure on nearby nerves for drug-free pain relief. Physiotherapy exercises reduce swelling and inflammation, which minimizes pain and restores a full range of movement to the neck.

Do you spend long hours hunched over a computer screen at work? Poor posture is a leading cause for pain, triggering stiffness and soreness in both the shoulders and neck. For example, many people lean their head slightly forward while typing on the computer. Doing so rounds the upper back and strains the shoulders, placing pressure on the lower cervical vertebra and irritating the ligaments and soft tissues. This pain may be aggravated by poor posture while driving to and from work, watching TV at night, or even when sleeping.

If your neck pain is caused by poor posture, chiropractic care is an effective treatment option. Restoring proper alignment to the cervical spine will help minimize pain. We also recommend ergonomic adjustments to your office and home to help reduce neck strain. For example, simple changes such as altering the height of your office chair or the placement of your keyboard may help to reduce strain on the neck by improving your posture. Our goal is to treat the root cause for your pain and eliminate the problem whenever possible!

Don’t let chronic neck pain stop you from living an active life. Contact our chiropractor today!


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