Sports Injury

Athletes often come toAdvanced Back & Neck Care Center seeking a natural treatment for sports injury. No matter the sport or activity, athletes of all ages and skill levels are prone to injury. As exercise is one of the healthiest decisions you can make for your body, you should not have to compromise an active lifestyle due to either an acute or chronic (repetitive motion) injury.

Acute injuries occur suddenly during an activity. These injuries often include sprained ankles, broken bones, dislocations, fractures, and muscle strains. Sudden, severe pain typically accompanies acute injuries along with swelling, tenderness, limited range of motion, and weakness.

Conversely, chronic injuries (sometimes referred to as repetitive motion or stress injuries) develop over a long period of time due to the overuse of a certain part of the body. Symptoms of chronic injury include swelling, aching when at rest, and pain during performance. Chronic injuries include tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, and tennis elbow.

For athletes suffering from either acute or chronic injuries, pain management can be a difficult task, making the continuation of activities nearly impossible.

Natural Sports Injury Pain Relief Made Possible with Chiropractic Care

Often found in harmful prescriptions and over the counter medications, sports injury pain relief can also be accomplished naturally. At Advanced Back and Neck Care Center, we use a combination of the following chiropractic treatments to help our patients suffering from both acute and chronic sports injuries to enjoy a swift recovery and prevent future injury, while naturally managing pain.

  • Spinal Adjustments - When out of alignment, subluxated vertebrae not only cut off circulation, but also pinch nerves, blocking vital communications between the brain and the rest of the body. These blocked lines of communication prevent the immune system from functioning at an optimal level. Restoring the spine's proper alignment increases blood flow, which reduces inflammation and delivers the oxygen and nutrients the body needs to heal, while also promoting the peak functioning of the immune system, which accelerates healing.
  • Massage Therapy - By reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation, breaking up scar tissue, and allowing waste products (like lactic acid) to drain from the system, massage therapy promotes pain management, accelerates healing, and increases flexibility to reduce the chance of re-injury.
  • Physical Therapy - Using corrective exercises, our chiropractors help patients improve balance and strengthen weak muscles (which may have originally lead to injury). Corrective exercises create a more balanced musculoskeletal system, helping to prevent or reduce the chance of future injury or the aggravation of an existing injury.

Our chiropractors at Advanced Back and Neck Care Center works with each patient to design a unique wellness and pain management plan to meet the specific medical needs of each individual. With the right treatment plan, we aim to help our patients recover, prevent future injury, achieve peak performance, and get back in the game to continue the same active lifestyle as before. To schedule a consultation, call our office today.


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