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If you are trying to lose weight in Groton, it does not need to feel like an impossible task. Our weight loss team has the ability to help you take control of your life and live the healthy life you desire. Say goodbye to constant aches, pains, and fatigue and be prepared to watch the weight fall off.

Weight Loss in Groton CT

Managing a healthy body and maintaining an appropriate healthy weight is imperative to achieving wellness in life. This is why the Advanced Back and Neck Care Center opened its own weight loss-focused facility in 2012 called Incredible Weight Loss Center. From personalized weight loss coaching to nutritional counseling, weight stabilization, body composition analysis, BMI evaluation, and more, our weight loss professionals have over 10 years of experience in helping local clients reach their desired weight loss goals.

The Incredible Weight Loss Center also carries the ketogenic weight loss method, popularly known as a keto diet, called Ideal Protein. This weight loss program takes meal planning away by providing 3 meal replacements per day, in addition to a selection of vegetables, your choice of animal or vegetarian protein, and the proper nutritional supplements, making it easier for people with hectic schedules, or for people who are tired of "counting points" or figuring out their macronutrients.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can strengthen your immune system, improve your energy levels, help with mental focus, boost your self-esteem, aid chiropractic recovery, and more.


The truth is no one can escape Father Time or the many physical effects he has on your body. When individuals advance in life, chances are they still retain their wits about them, however, the more physical aspects of their body inevitably start to change. Yes, it is easier to pack on the pounds when one ages, but this does not mean staying fit is impossible. If you are dealing with weight gain with age, it is important to not give up. Accepting the weight loss will only negatively impact your health and result in many doctor visits down the line. Our weight loss team is experienced at helping people of all ages achieve their weight loss goals.


The body’s metabolism is known for being the key to transforming calories into real energy ready to be used. However, there is a misconception about how much it affects a person’s ability to lose weight. The fact is, our metabolic rate is largely unable to be changed save for a few ticks in either direction. Most people find it easy to pin their weight loss failures on their metabolism when the real culprit is diet and level of physical activity.

When assessing how large a factor nutrition and physical activity play in achieving weight loss, metabolism is easier to understand. Your metabolism can be interpreted as a sort of see-saw. It is continuously striving to reach an equilibrium between the calories that are entering and leaving the body. It is fairly simple, if an individual consumes more calories than they use up in daily life, weight will be gained. This is simply due to the fact that the body is designed to save those calories for lean times in the future. Fortunately, most people today do not have to worry about scavenging for their next meal. The drawback is that these extra calories that your body has saved do not ever get used and as such stay on the body as fat. Therefore, to understand weight loss is to understand that the body must consume fewer calories overall than it expends. If one achieves this goal, weight loss is inevitable!

While the science behind weight loss seems fairly simple and straightforward, achieving weight loss is a much difficult and complex task to achieve alone. Feel free to reach out to our Advanced Back and Neck Care Center weight loss team in Groton to begin your weight loss journey.

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