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Groton Back Pain and Neck Pain Treated with Chiropractic Care

At Advanced Back and Neck Care Center our name says it all. We are your center for back and neck care in Groton, New London, Waterford, East Lyme and the surrounding communities. Chronic sciatica, back or neck pain can be difficult to live with, and can affectGroton neck pain relieved with chiropractic care your ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Our chiropractic care is a natural approach to relieving pain without surgery or prescription medications. We focus on treating the underlying cause of your pain, which maximizes relief and prevents pain from returning.

Groton neck pain is most frequently stems from whiplash, a common auto accident injury. During the impact of the collision the head is thrust violently forward and then snaps back, damaging tissues and supporting muscles in the cervical area. People with poor posture from standing all day, or hunching over a computer or desk at work may also experience neck pain. Often, patients experience headache and neck pain as the result of stress which causes the neck muscles to contract and hold tension.

A frequent cause of lower back pain is sciatica. Sciatica occurs when a disc in the lumbar spine herniates or bulges out, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing lower back pain which may radiate into the legs. A sports-related injury or work-related injury that causes a misalignment in the spine or damages the supporting muscles may result in pain in the back . Many patients sprain or strain their back through improper lifting or overexertion. Some patients experience back pain as the result of being overweight and need help with a healthy weight management program.

Groton Chiropractor Provides Back and Neck Care

Our professional care team consists of four chiropractic physicians with a variety of skills in hands-on manipulation and adjustment, soothing massage therapy, rehabilitative physiotherapy, weight loss management, and sports injury care. Each Groton chiropractor on our team will assess the pain in your neck and back, consider your overall health situation, and develop a treatment plan to provide maximum relief.

Groton chiropractor treats back pain from sciaticaHands-on spinal manipulations and adjustments can treat subluxations and herniations by bringing the spinal column back into proper alignment. Traction may be recommended to relieve the pain of whiplash or sciatica by stretching the spinal column. Massage therapy is used to relieve stress in aching muscles and promote the healing flow of oxygen throughout the body. If you have suffered some type of sports injury or work-related injury we may recommend physiotherapy treatments such as corrective exercises, muscle and neural stimulation, or heat and cold therapy to help rehabilitate injured ligaments, build core strength and restore range of motion. Patients needing assistance with weight management will benefit from our weight loss program which combines a sensible nutrition plan with a smart movement plan to work your body back into shape.

Sign up for our free health and weight loss workshops to learn more about ways to improve your health safely and naturally, while also reducing pain symptoms. At Advanced Back and Neck Care Center we want you to have a better way of life.

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