Groton Chiropractic Tips for Shoveling Snow

Groton Chiropractic Tips for Shoveling Snow

Chiropractic Care In The Winter of Groton CT

Winter is not over yet, which means more snow fall can be on the horizon. With snow comes the labor intensive snow removal process. For those of us who have to shovel walkways and driveways, shoveling snow can put a real strain on your back. The bending, lifting, and twisting with the added freezing conditions can cause muscle spasms, strains or tears, and be overall very stressful.

Here are some tips to prevent injuries and discomfort while carving through the winter wonderland.

  1. Buy the proper equipment. Your shovel should be about chest high on you, and nonstick so the snow slides off easily. The more the snow sticks to the shovel, the heavier it will become, which increases the chance for injury. If snow is sticking to your shovel then spray it with Teflon for a nonstick surface.
  2. Do a quick warm up and stretch. A few minutes of stretching will save you from pain later on.
  3. Wear layers to keep your muscles warm and flexible.
  4. Wear proper shoes that have plenty of cushioning to absorb the impact of walking on the hard frozen ground, and rubber grip to prevent a slip and fall.
  5. Pay attention to the local weather forecast so you can shovel in ideal conditions. If you can, try shoveling in the afternoon to prevent disc injury. There is increased fluid pressure in the disc in the morning due to your body being at rest all night.
  6. Drink lots of water! Your body needs water frequently throughout the day to help keep muscles hydrated. Be careful with hot drinks such as coffee, which has a dehydrating effect.
  7. Maintain the proper posture while shoveling snow. Lift with your knees and keep your back straight. Push the snow off the shovel, Don’t try to throw it. Shovel and dump the snow forward to avoid twists in the torso, which can cause strain on the back. Alternate between leading with your left and right foot when shoveling.
  8. Try to take your time. We know you want to get the job over and done with, but working too hard and too fast can strain your muscles. Listen to your body and take breaks to prevent injury.
  9. Lastly, see one of our chiropractic doctors here at Advanced Back and Neck Care Center for personalized advice and alignment of your spine. Give us a call at (860) 448- BACK (2225) to schedule and appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!



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